Truman Peyote live: photo courtesy LastFM

Truman Peyote is a 2-man outfit (with help from others) from Jamaica Plain, Mass and has the coolest band name ever.  According to member Caleb Johannes, they don't make strictly dance or electronic music, instead "we use electronics that have the ability to make dance music, but we use these tools to sequence and create a much different sound."   Crazy trippy intros lead way to wonderfully melodic rhythmic chants in 'Kartwheels,' one of the better songs on the album.  WeeklyDig refers to their sound as "a Martian tribe emulating pygmy music, or ghostly reverberations from a dancefloor in the future."  Either way, get your digital hands on this digital copy and try it out. 

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Truman Peyote/Many Mansion - Peaced Together - 2010

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