If you do not know about the greatness of Bill Hicks, you have my sympathy.  Bill Hicks is on par with Richard Pryor and George Carlin as the greatest stand-up comedians of all time and was taken from us, like another great, Mitch Hedberg, far before his time.  Hicks lived a fairly clean and drug-free lifestyle but was struck down by pancreatic cancer at the young age of 32.  If I were going to say that the Illuminati killed one person, I would say they killed JFK.  If I were going to say the Illuminati killed two people, the other would be Hicks.  He was so far ahead of his time that his ideas thereatened to shake the very foundation of civilization, with his encouragement of free thought and an uncanny ability to question authority without hesitation or fear.

Here is one of my favorite rants from Hicks' stand-up routine...

"By the way if anyone here is in marketing or advertising... kill yourself.  Thank you, just planting seeds.  Planting seeds is all I'm doing.  No joke here, really, seriously kill yourself, you have no rationalization for what you do, you are satan's little helpers.  Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now.  Now back to the show.... Serious.  I know marketing people.. 'there's going to be a joke coming up.'  There's no fucking joke.  Suck a tailpipe, hang yourself, borrower a pistol from an NRA buddy.  Do something.  Rid the world of your evil fucking presence.  Okay, back to the show.  Planting seeds.  Will they bear fruit?  I don't know.  I feel better planting them.  You know what bugs me though is I know everyone here who's in marketing is  now thinking the same thing... 'Oh, cool.  Bill's going for that anti-marketing dollar.  That's a huge market.' Marketing is the most evil concept ever."  -Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994)

Pick up your gold here...

Bill Hicks - Arizona Bay - 1997


Not much I need to say here...

Jeans Wilder - Nice Trash - 2010



Wild Vibes is brought to you by Brett Copell from New York.  Makes me remember good times I've yet to have.  You can hear similarities to bands like AP'sHG, but you can tell he takes more showers.  From the label, Deerhaus', website... "Emerging from an Ambien-fueled haze, Wild Vibes evokes a brilliant mixture of pop and longing, exploring a variety of sonic territory, from subterranean sounds amongst a forest of guitars to subtropic grooves under a canopy of airy voices and collage. His debut eponymous EP is a wonderful 5-track journey through the colorful wilds of chemically-altered thought, a story of love and loss in the era of the pharmaceutical mind."  I couldn't agree more.   Get it below. 

Wild Vibes - Wild Vibes EP - 2011

Super bonus EP from another Deerhaus artist that I've enjoyed for a month or so...  Check out Golden Ages' Africa EP, which starts with a cover of the Toto song with the same name...

Golden Ages - Africa EP - 2010



I've been meaning to post this for about 2 weeks but haven't gotten around to it.  This is some excellent stuff from Ryan Scally of Massachusetts.   

Orange Blossom Flyover - Fast Reverse/Fresh Horrors From Hades - 2010

Watch for more artist submissions soon...



jj KILLS (it)

This is the most aptly-titled album I've come across in quite a while.   "Killed so many songs, you'd think I have a hit list."

jj - Kills (Mixtape) - 2010



A band that I came to really enjoy last year just released their new EP.  I've only had a chance to listen once, so I can't give much of a review, but just know it's more of the same good stuff that was on 'Ghost'.

Tape Deck Mountain - Secret Serf EP - 2011


I have to post this album for several friends who have requested it.  These gents have set the bar pretty damn high for 2011.  Favorite track so far... Mona Vegas.

Starfucker - Reptilians - 2011



I downloaded this for the Run DMT tracks, but I'm posting it because of the last three by 'Happy Family'.  This is going so hard right now...



One of my favorite shows of 2010 had to be the last show I saw at the now-defunct 'Nightmare' (on Elm) when SUUNS opened up for and backed Land of Talk.  They put on a killer set and the singer sounds just as spot-on live as he does in the recordings.  Imagine my joy when I was sifting through the garbage on the internet and out jumped this single from the band.   Slightly different version of TMCB's #20 song of the year 'Up Past the Nursery' and then a new jam called 'Hard Knox'.  Both are great and you can get it here now...



In the first few months of running TMCB, my favorite part has got to be the great artist submissions I've received.  You get to know all about the bands straight from the source and, in my case, you get to try and convince them to make a stop somewhere in the Metroplex.  Today I present to you what was originally the makings of a soundtrack to what I can only imagine to be the sweetest comic book of all time.  Tumbleweave... the self described, "wonky overdriven drums and synth duo" from West Palm Beach, Florida / New York, NY.  Think Videohippos meets Gak™.  The band is made up of mastermind/badass drummer Ben Mendelewicz accompanied by Matt Cutler on synths and samples.   They're currently playing shows in New York, Boston, and South Florida.  Hang on to something sturdy and don't let go (this won't take too long.)

You can get this physical copy for $4.
(printed acetate sleeve w/
yellow/pink disc)