I don't think I will ever read a review by Ryan Dombal on Pitchfork ever again.  I've never known less about an album after reading a 1600 word critique.  Here he attempts to give us a review on Kanye West's new album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' and ends up shitting out a painfully long account of Kanye's life.  I downloaded the album earlier this week and was very optimistic about its potential.  The last one was terrible IMHO and I know he could do better.  After noticing that Kanye's new album received the coveted....
I wanted to see what he had done differently to accomplish something that so many brilliant bands/artists don't even come close to.  I decided that even though the review looked a lot longer than most of those on pitchfork, this is 'the new KANYE' and they really want to let us know what's so damn shutter-shade-cool about MBDTF.  NOPE.  Go somewhere else.  This review isn't about the album, it's about the person.  I think he must have copied half of the shit out of Wikipedia, although I'm not going to check.

I'm going to listen to it myself for the first time and give a 1 sentence review that's more insightful than what this individual could do in 5 pages (dbl spaced so the boss thinks it's longer.) 

Stand by...

Kanye West's new album is a step up from previous works, primarily contributed to the fact that he's standing on the shoulders of every talented artist he knows that doesn't hate him,  but still marred by West's own ignorant paradoxes, obvious puns, post-South-Park-angst, and tone-deaf harmonies. 

I really don't think this guy even listened to the album.  A ten out of ten is ridiculous on an album with hits and misses.  Ryan, if for some reason you read this, my advice is to never give an album a 10.0 again because people will read it.

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