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Ricky Eat Acid - Haunt U Forever - 2011
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Excerpt from Cactus-Mouth blog:

           "After being no stranger to this blog for quite awhile, Ricky Eat Acid and Cactus-Mouth decided to take their relationship to the next level… a physical level. Hahaha. No, not like that, you pervert. Chill Mega Chill decided to release Sam’s music on cassette. Tripp and I both agreed that Sam’s music was a perfect fit for our label, and well, the rest is history!
His cassette Haunt u forever finds Sam pushing his musical boundaries a bit. While his music always brings a certain amount of joy, the tracks on Haunt u forever are guaranteed to accompany that joy with a big, toothy grin. His scratchy beats have had me bobbing my head for days. On top of that, his use of sampling fits right into the music like the final piece on a puzzle. I meant when I said that I really couldn’t be happier that Tripp and I were able to do this with Sam. Having an awesome relationship with the artist(s) has made this whole experience all the more enjoyable.
You can still snag a copy of Sam’s limited cassette on the label’s site. And if you wanna hear the rest of the EP, you can stream it over on Chill Mega Chill’s new bandcamp page."

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