There is something absolutely fucking brilliant about a possible album of the year candidate that doesn't even spell the name of their album correctly on the cover art. 

Meet Tiger Waves... pop, indie, surf, rock, orgasm.

Only Good Bands Have Animal Names Cover Art
Tiger Waves - Only Good Bands Have Animal Names - 2011


"Tiger Waves was birthed on the Internet in the spring of 2011. At that time James worked for NASA in the Department of Theoretical Cosmic Physics in Austin, TX and spent his days paying bills and playing with his little dog Pierre. Meanwhile, Reid studied continental philosophy in Chicago and avoided the cold weather whenever possible by staying inside and deconstructing his experience of the cold. After a freak shuttle accident, James was hit on the head and began believing that he was either Phil Spector (on a good day) or Syd Barrett (on a bad day). To play into these delusions, Reid went along with it claiming that he was in fact Brian Wilson. Then, on a whim, these two friends began emailing each other, in mp3 form, fragments of their songs: half written melodies, chord progressions, drum beats, and so forth. Slowly and surely—as the sonic layers were piled atop one other—the fragments began to take shape and look, each day, less and less like isolated bits of music and more and more like finished songs. Harmonies were added to melodies, distorted slide guitar solos were overdubbed on top of fuzzed out verses, Humphrey Bogart’s voice, dripping with delay, was inserted into the background of folksy funeral ballads, stream of consciousness lyrics were quietly sung in dark and sullen dorm rooms in desperate attempts not to wake the roommate. This went on and on, week after week—nearly ad infinitum it seemed. These songs, with all of their chaotic bedlam and wry humor, are the product of that secluded and protracted process. We, of course, hope you enjoy it."

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