Dan Deacon's America leaked last Thursday and I have not listened to anything else since then.  I even took the opportunity Friday night to play the first two tracks for the guys in Jaill when they came over to appreciate nature [via Volcano.]  I think they were impressed, having never heard any Dan Deacon before. 

If you have not already downloaded the leak, purchased the vinyl and hung up your Lake Placid flag, you're doing music wrong and I don't know why I even bother blogging.

This is the best album of the year.  I know that we still have 4 full months after America's 8/28 release date, but it doesn't matter.  Animal Collective isn't going to beat this.  Girls is no longer a band.  Frank Ocean is gay.  Tame Impala is going to be good, but even they couldn't begin to comprehend the depths of this album.

Dan Deacon is going to save America from tyranny, war, oppression, bio-terrorism, hunger, and sickness.  All in 43 minutes and 9 seconds.

Dan Deacon - America - 2012
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