Psych-folk-pop gods Woods (Woodsist) will be at Club Dada this Saturday, May 3 with support by another TMCB favorite, Quilt (Mexican Summer.)  I've been a fan of Woods (or whatever they went by at the time) for the last 6 years but this will be my first time to see them live and I am extemely excited. *#shoutout to having kids* Woods will be here promoting their new album With Light and With Love.
This is also a Parade of Flesh show, if you needed any more convincing that this is the best thing to do in Dallas Saturday night. Get your tickets here for only $10.
Here is 'Moving to the Left' off of WLAWL:

And a nice extended live performance of 'Bend Beyond,' one of my favorites from their last album:



There is nothing that I can say about this album that would do it justice.  I have had it for about 2 weeks and listened to it all the way through no fewer than 20 times.  I love it.  I know every year I anticipate high pitchfork scores for albums I really like, and every year, those albums get between a 6 and a 7.3, but this year feels different.  I think this could be an album of the year candidate.  I'm talking 9.5-9.8 stuff.  In reality, Kanye didn't produce this album, so I'm probably just getting my hopes up.