Magic Places is Paul M. Goerner with the assistance of a few others.  He is from Savannah, GA.  I think the band's info on mySpace can tell you more than I ever could...
"Magic Places were formed from void some-time in late 2005, when citizen-scientist Paul M. Goerner began to amass a respectable collection of volunteers, some electronic and some biologic, in the anticipation of experimenting with deep space transmission. The jarring sounds included in these expositions are an assortment of home recordings intended for such transmission and audio received at the team's Nitelab Research Headquarters, originating in extraterrestrial locations and thoughtfully processed for consumption by human beings."
I don't know what the hell that means but I love this EP.

Magic Places - A Selection of Fine Victorian Wallpapers EP - 2010

Stream their upcoming album here...

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