Hear Hums are a lovely little duo from Gainesville, Fl. I recently came across.  Their second album, Psyche Cycles, was just released on Crash Symbols and is a real mind-fuck.  It takes you in every direction, spinning with over-lapping synchronized electronic melodies, keyboard-hammering scale progressions, and beats that seem to open up new areas in the mind.  I really like the final 1-2 punch of the aptly-titled 'Change' followed by 'Awake Away'.  Another immediate favorite is 'Woo', the second song in the music video below, and I have a feeling that this little onion will be working on my brain for quite a while. 

They have a strong following around their home state and plan on a tour up the east coast soon. I really hope they are able to make it westward after that! 
I'm so glad I get to post this the month it was released.  Now I can say I heard them first when they're opening for Memory Tapes or Fuck Buttons a year from now. 

Cerebellum/Woo - Hear Hums from Hear Hums on Vimeo.
Be sure to check out the great live performance that's linked on the vimeo page.

Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles - 2010
easily one of the best album covers of the year

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