In the first few months of running TMCB, my favorite part has got to be the great artist submissions I've received.  You get to know all about the bands straight from the source and, in my case, you get to try and convince them to make a stop somewhere in the Metroplex.  Today I present to you what was originally the makings of a soundtrack to what I can only imagine to be the sweetest comic book of all time.  Tumbleweave... the self described, "wonky overdriven drums and synth duo" from West Palm Beach, Florida / New York, NY.  Think Videohippos meets Gak™.  The band is made up of mastermind/badass drummer Ben Mendelewicz accompanied by Matt Cutler on synths and samples.   They're currently playing shows in New York, Boston, and South Florida.  Hang on to something sturdy and don't let go (this won't take too long.)

You can get this physical copy for $4.
(printed acetate sleeve w/
yellow/pink disc)

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