Denton/Austin based noise/math-rock duo YALL have released a wonderfully refreshing 7-song EP titled 'Drink From Between Our Hair.'  Members Travis and Andy display terrific musicianship on drums and guitar, and on the couple songs that vocals are used, they only serve to emphasize the emotional swell that their songs build to.  But I really expect nothing less from a band that was already named "...artist of the year," according to the awards section of their facebook page (and who can argue with facebook?)
Here are a few quotes that I would use to describe YALL:
"the biggest sounding duo around"
"two bros kickin ass and not givin a shit about names of victims"
"rejoice, math and Texas can now be used in the same sentence"
"current front-runner for TonsMoreCowbell's best new artist"

Some answers from guitarist Travis Franklin, preceded by questions (10 to be exact)...

1. Names/instruments played?
-Travis Franklin- Guitar        Andy Richardson- Drums

2. How long have you gents known each other?
-We have actually known each other since first grade. We went to school together all the way through high school. We are 19 now so that is about 12 or 13 years.

3. Can i assume that you've played live around austin for a while? where did this/didn't this occur?
-We started YALL this past summer and played a few shows here and there before Andy moved to Sacramento. Andy just moved back to Austin about 2 months ago and we recorded Drink From Between Our Hair. We played a few shows here and there. We played at Trailer Space and Starco and a party in Denton. We also have some more shows coming up soon, one being during SXSW. The amount we get to play is limited by the fact that I currently live and go to school in Denton. We are trying to make it work though and it is going fairly well.

4. What are your impressions of the Austin music scene as a band trying to build a following?
 -The Austin music scene is both good and bad. It is great that there is such a variety of bands and musicians, and so many places to play at but at the same time, the overwhelming amount of local bands makes it somewhat difficult to stand out at all. There aren't too many bands in Austin that play the type of music we are into though. There are tons of hardcore bands mostly.

5. How did you come up with the band name?  was this an intentional effort to be 'un-google-able'?
-We chose the name YALL mostly because we thought it was funny. It wasn't intentional to be 'un-google-able'. I actually feel like it is somewhat of a setback. It would be nice to tell people to just google us and that they'll be able to find something on us. Instead we have to be a bit more specific, which isn't so bad.

6. It's pretty apparent that at most times there are more than two people playing on 'Drink From Between Our Hair'.  Is this another unwarranted assumption or did you guys have some homies join in for the recording?
-Actually the entire album is just us two. Andy did drums and I did guitar work and those are really the only two instruments incorporated. On all of the songs we did double-track the guitar to give a fuller sound, which is probably why it sounds like more than just us. We did multiple vocal tracks as well so it would sound like more people.

7. Who did the bad ass watercolor cover art?
-Our good friend John Ballejo did the artwork. We love his artwork and he has done artwork for old bands of ours and such. He doesn't have any kind of website but anyone who is interested in anymore of his stuff can add him on facebook and talk to him here: http://www.facebook.com/PUNCHYURMOMMA

8. Who would you guys like to tour with?
-I am going to take this question in an idealist way. Some of our biggest influences are bands like Lightning Bolt, Hella, Don Caballero, Melt Banana, Ruins, Boredoms, Meneguar and of course Planets. So touring with any of those bands would be a dream come true for us.

9. Any new favorite bands?
-Lately I have been listening to a whole lot of J-Pop like Perfume and Silver Forest. I also found this Japanese band called Mutyumu and their album Ilya is absolutely amazing.

10. Frisbee golf... yea or nay?
-Frisbee Golf... definitely.

No website currently, but you can get in touch with YALL through their facbook page.
YALL is with Trembleface/Sanddagger, a label that gives all of their digital albums away for free.

Drink From Between Our Hair is free to download on the label's website or here...

YALL - Drink From Between Our Hair - 2011


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