Super Bowl fortyV is a bust.  None of the people from Green Bay or Pittsburgh have given me any money like the news said they would and it's colder than a witch's-titty-in-a-brass-bra outside... I think they should have just tried to reschedule it to some time in early March but I guess nobody wants to do the obvious thing.

I've been snowed and iced in for the last 3 days and tonight I'm missing a Baths w/ Braids show that's guaranteed to be rewarding for everyone who shows up.  Whilst this is the saddest day of my week, it shall be the grandest day for the TMCB faithful. 

My friend Samuel over at Debacle records recently sent me some new rec's, in turn, I spent a few more hours of my own crawling around their Bandcamp and getting lost in the endless amounts of mind-altering music.

Konntinent is Antony Harrison of London, and he's coming for your bitches.  No, I don't really know his stance on bitches, but I do know that he can probably make bitches bounce with the Massive-Atack style ambient electronic doomwave beats he's been dropping all over that drab isle.
Recorded as a single take live improvisation for an OTObahn show at London's Cafe Oto in November last year, later edited into a complete release via the power of Logic. Antony blends the crystalline tones and timbres of a dubstep producer with the kosmische approach of Rene Hell into a travelogue of a cold London.

Down With Candy Cover Art
Konntinent - Down With Candy - 2011

This is one that was just released this week and damn, this is hauntigly, soul-stirringly awesome experimental doom ambience.  Demian Johnston and Mink Stole have pieced together something that I predict will gather quite a bit of buzz, and I would be really interested in smoking a blunt and watching them play for a couple hours.   (As I'm listening to the last 2 songs of the album, my dog's starting to have some crazy dreams related to the music, eyes in the back of his head and speaking in tongues like a mini Linda Blair.  This is too awesome to make up.)

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