This has me completely tranced and from the look of the album cover, that's exactly what they wanted.  Fuck TV. 

'Luke Nukem' has me checking the door again to make sure it's locked, and I'm pretty sure that was a semi cover of 'I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane." IMO, the first track is a bit difficult to listen to, but the rest is really good!  I love free music from new artists.  Thank you, TEEN BRIGADE

Aroomnoonesees Cover Art
Teen Brigade - ARoomNoOneSees - 2011

Charlie Sheen is providing us with free entertainment, and really isn't asking anything in return.  These words are of someone who is obviously in the middle of an extreme manic episode (primarily characterised by the grandiosity) but we must bottle them like brilliant little mercury-tipped dagger fire-flies with the blood of a thousand Wasputins.  I think the changing of the seasons would come into play here as well.  Seasonal affect disorder is one of those things that gets everyone, but the question is "by how much?"  When the days are shorter, we're exposed to less daylight (I'll let you stand back up after that astounding fact) so our bodies produce less vitamin D, and more Serotonin.  These two things lead to illness and depression-like symptoms if not combated in some way (the reason some people have summer/winter homes in the northern and southern hemispheres.) 

This shift in personality will come to an abrupt end when Sheen goes back to doing drugs that are not limited to weed and cocaine, OR somewhere around daylight savings time (March 13th this year.)  This is why I've said beware the Ides of March, or March 15th.  He could have a large swing on the 14th and do something drastic the next day.  Hope it doesn't happen, but now you can say you knew it would.

In other other news, crazy things in Africa continue to happen despite the fact that we have a military presence there and a child probably died of starvation within 20 miles of me today.  Peace yall.

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