Earth Girl Helen Brown - Story of an Earth Girl 10" - 2011

I found this today and fell in love instantly.  Forest Family's newest release.  My first impression was that this is the female version of Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) and to my surprise this pretty much IS Sonny Smith.  This is part of Sonny's '100 Records' project, which included artists and friends submitting cover work to Smith and then he makes the albums based on this.  Looking at the cover above, Smith did a brilliant job capturing the vibes given.  Earth Girl Helen Brown is played by Heidi Alexander of The SandwitchesCheck out another great review here from Amanda Norris at ACRN.com.

What do we know about Helen Brown? 
a) she was born in Canada
b) she grew up in a religious cult in Georgia
c) she was blinded in one eye as a child (baseball injury)
d) she is not real

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