MAY 1 (May Day) is a day closely associated with the struggle of workers against the elite class.  Check it out from the Marxists themselves.  Since May 1, 1884, the declaration of the 8 hour work day, strange things happen on May 1st.

-1886-  Rallies in U.S. culminate in Haymarket Affair (police officers killed by 'mostly friendly fire'?)

-1898-  U.S. defeats Spanish-Pacific fleet in first battle of Spanish-American War.

-1900-  Scofield mining disaster in Utah kills between 200-246 men.

-1945-  Hitler, killed on April 30th, is discovered and announced dead.

-1966-  Beatles perform final British concert.  (This one may not be related but it just strikes me as odd that they chose 5/1/66, or 666.)

-2003-  The famous Mission Accomplished speech.

-2011-  U.S. President Obama announces the death of Osama bin Ladin.  The most recent in a long line of bin Ladin death declarations.

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