Here We Go Magic - Live at Club Dada Dallas 5/24 - 2011

I have a fairly decent recording of the 7 song acoustic power-out set that Here We Go Magic performed last night (5/24) at Club Dada in Dallas (this includes two unreleased, unnamed songs.)  You can also hear violin in the background of a couple songs which was something I had never heard before (Casual, Surprise.)  TONS MORE COWBELL is the only place you can get a recording of every song in decent quality because I was sitting right in front of Luke the whole time.  It was epic and unforgettable.   On the last song, Fangela, the power finally comes back on a few minutes in which explains the awkward timing with the crowd cheer.  They went ahead and played another half hour set with electricity after this which was equally amazing.  This was my favorite show of the year and I don't see how anything else could top it.

Track List:
1.  Tunnelvision
2.  Untitled 1 (How Do I Know?)
3.  Surprise
4.  Collector
5.  Untitled 2 (It's Hard Sometimes)
6.  Casual
7.  Fangela

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