Seatec Astronomy Cover Art
Treasure Hunt - Seatec Astronomy - 2012

When I was in daycare, we had a playground that shared a chain link fence with a lot that was used to raise about 15 sheep.  The sheep were fascinating at first, but we became accustomed to them after a couple of months of daily exposure.  One day we had a ball bounce over this fence that was (in hindsight) far too low for the task it was intended for.  One of the older kids in 1st or 2nd grade was elected to jump the fence and retrieve the ball, based on his kickball skills (the only way we knew how to measure physical ability.)  I don't know where the adults were at this time.  Smoke break?  In any case, we all lined the fence to watch as the big kid jumped down and began the 15 foot walk to the soccer ball with great suspense.  Immediately, the sheep were startled and began walking over towards him to see what the hell was going on and I think that shook him.  He looked to his left as the pack of sheep continued coming at him, the 'lead sheep' speeding up as he went.  For his sake, and because I'm only about 25% sure of his name, I will refer to him as 'John' at this point.  John froze momentarily as he realized what was happening and then began to back up.  He was only about 10 feet from the other fence that ran perpendicular to the one we were standing at and he reached it quickly as he backed up.  The problem was, he didn't turn around to jump the fence.  Instead he stood there and cried as the HSIT (head sheep in charge) rammed him over and over in the stomach.  This is where the memory begins to get a little fuzzy, but I think that's when the 20-something who was supposed to look after us realized what was happening and ran the sheep off.

The moral of the story is; even though you are good at kickball, you can still get rammed in the stomach repeatedly by a sheep.  Also, you should check out this new Treasure Hunt album from DFW's own Myles Dunhill.  Pay .97 cents for the album on bandcamp instead of nothing so that Myles knows who sent you!

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