Wild Vibes is brought to you by Brett Copell from New York.  Makes me remember good times I've yet to have.  You can hear similarities to bands like AP'sHG, but you can tell he takes more showers.  From the label, Deerhaus', website... "Emerging from an Ambien-fueled haze, Wild Vibes evokes a brilliant mixture of pop and longing, exploring a variety of sonic territory, from subterranean sounds amongst a forest of guitars to subtropic grooves under a canopy of airy voices and collage. His debut eponymous EP is a wonderful 5-track journey through the colorful wilds of chemically-altered thought, a story of love and loss in the era of the pharmaceutical mind."  I couldn't agree more.   Get it below. 

Wild Vibes - Wild Vibes EP - 2011

Super bonus EP from another Deerhaus artist that I've enjoyed for a month or so...  Check out Golden Ages' Africa EP, which starts with a cover of the Toto song with the same name...

Golden Ages - Africa EP - 2010

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